VMR is service provider in three broader areas.


1. Due diligence  

It is the key to any investment decision. More critical in mining, as much uncertainty lies below the surface of the earth. VMR has a time-tested due diligence check list which we use to reduce the risks associated with mining. We provide all types of due diligence services in geological and mining spheres.

VMR has highly skilled exploration geologists, mining engineers, infrastructure specialist, processing engineers, environment and community specialists and business analysts.

While carrying out due diligence of mineral assets, we lay equal emphasis on risk analysis vis-à-vis cost effectiveness.

2.  Exploration Management

VMR team has rich experience in remote and culturally diverse environment in India and abroad. We have significant experience in creating, managing and executing integrated exploration designs including geological mapping, remote sensing, geophysical, geochemical and geomagnetic survey, drilling supervision, data collection and preparation of Geological Report.  

3. Mine Planning

Our highly experienced team uses the latest software and techniques to carry out 2-D and 3-D modelling and  mineral resource evaluations for coal and ferrous minerals. Delineation of the shape of the deposit and rock types allow us to target an optimal mine plan and maximise recovery and profitability.

Preparation of geological models is vital in order to establish the quality and quantity of the ore bodies . We can prepare mining schemes, mining plans, and mine closure plans for the approval of appropriate authorities.

4.  Scoping Study/ Pre-feasibility Study/ Feasibility Study

VMR has expertise in preparation and review of Scoping Studies, Pre-feasibility and Feasibility Studies.   We work with our clients to prepare our reports to meet the formats that are required of their financial institutions.

We carry out Scoping Studies for the assessment of mineral property. These will provide broad indication of potentials and risk involved and assist our clients in deciding whether to proceed with Pre-feasibility studies and techno-economic viability of the project.

We conduct Pre-feasibility Study to help investors to identify preferred options for the project development like geology, mineralogy and resource calculations, mining method, equipment selection, processing route, mining infrastructure, waste management, capital and cost estimation, sensitivity analysis etc. This creates a basis for more detailed assessment required in Feasibility Study.

We have back-up support in USA with expertise in mining.

Contract Mining, Operation and Maintenance

Long term contract mining/Mine Developer cum Operator (MDO) is an emerging concept in India. With the growth in mineral and infrastructure sector in our country, the role of contract mines will significantly increase. The advantages of Contract Mining are:

  • Ore bodies can be mined more profitably
  • Availability of pool of expertise
  • Lower risk to mine owner
  • Mine owner has better value for money

VMR has technical and financial capability to take the role of a successful MDO. We don’t view ourselves as only a long-term contractor but as a long-term partner in the growth of mine and the beneficiation of the mine owner.

We also provide Operation and Maintenance services for Beneficiation Plants, Pellet Plants, and Coal Washeries on long term basis.

Mining Equipment Leasing

We can provide mining equipment on lease basis.


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